Ceramic Coating

Based out of the UK, Gtechniq produces a well-rounded collection of industry leading surface care care products and coating technology that utilizes the most recent advancements in nano-scale composite materials, providing a result that completely outshines the competition both in clarity and consistency. By pioneering the Smart Surface Science technology, Gtechniq is able to provide any vehicle with unmatched levels of hydrophobicity & protection on nearly every type of substrate, from paint, to plastic, leather, vinyl, fabric or glass. Gtechniq products have been rigorously tested to extremes to guarantee that Gtechniq will deliver the best possible results, with more life span & surface quality than anything else out there, which means your car stays cleaner, longer.

Your vehicle is protected for years to come with a Warranty on our 5yr and 9yr Crystal Serum Coatings.

I Shine For You is proud to be the Greater Williamsburg area exclusive and only accredited Gtechniq installer!

Gtechniq offer’s some of the world’s leading protective coatings for automotive surfaces including paintwork, glass, wheels and interior surfaces. Their comprehensive range of products is scientifically proven to provide superior long lasting protection is why I Shine For You is proud to be the exclusive and only accredited Gtechniq installer for the Greater Williamsburg area.


Time – washing a coated car is easier and faster, simply because the dirt doesn’t adhere as well to the surface therefore saving you time.

Money – install a coating one time versus having your car waxed 3 – 4 times a year for the life of the vehicle.

Your paint – traditional waxes and sealants cannot protect your car’s paint from damage the same way a ceramic coating can. Bird droppings, tree sap and other nasty stuff will eat through traditional wax and also your car’s factory clear coat.

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